How Affordable is Alternative Energy?

With all of the recent developments in green technology you have to wonder if the Solar Panelsalternative energy sources that are on the market are available at a reasonable rate. Most consumers will support green technology because of its positive impact on the environment and lowering of monthly expenses, however these alternative energy sources can be costly to operate and install. Here are a few of the most popular sources and what you need to know for your home:

Solar Panels

The most popular type of alternative energy on the market today is solar panels. When they first hit the market they were so costly that it was too expensive to get them installed on your home. However, the technology has become cheaper to produce which has made it easier for people to install on their own residence. Solar panels are placed towards the sun, which in turns absorbs the sun’s rays called photons. These photons are captured by the solar panel called a photovoltaic (or PV) panel. This PV panel then converts the stored energy from the sun into usable energy through the panel architecture. These panels are usually clustered together into grids so they can collect the maximum amount of energy possible. The average cost can be anywhere from $15,000 to $29,000 depending on how many panels you wish to install, and what type of weather you have at your home.

Geo-Thermal Heat

Another popular and slightly more affordable solution is fitting your home for geo-thermal heat. This process involves tapping into the earth’s temperature just below the frost line where the earth is consistently an even 50 degrees. Imagine if it is freezing out, but your home already has a baseline of 50 degrees, it is a lot easier for your home to get warm with a strong and consistent foundation. The same is also true for locations that are hot. If your home starts out with a consistent temperature of 50 degrees you will not have to move much air around to make your home comfortable and cool. There are typically tax credits and incentives for doing a program like this. A typical install of a geo-thermal unit could run anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 and depending on the tax credits and incentives you find it could be much less. Furthermore, you will receive immediate monthly savings by switching away from your existing heating and cooling system.

Water Collection Tanks

This is the most affordable method of alternative energy on this list. The method is where all of your gutters on your home funnel into a lager above ground tank. This system collects rain water from nature and allows you to save it for future use. You can have the tank heated and it can provide you with hot water for your home, or you can use it for your lawn irrigation. This is way to capture the water that nature provides without having it wash away. You will be able to access this water at your convenience when you need it. These tanks can range from $1,000 to $3,000 with installation raising the price some depending on the type of tank you purchase.

In closing, there are several options of alternative and clean energies that a home owner can consider installing in their personal residence. These options can have a pretty high price for installation but the monthly maintenance cost is reasonable and often times lower than what you were paying for already. While the cost will deter some home owners, others will proceed with this type of purchase because of the monthly bottom line and the positive effect it will have on the environment. If you are considering one of these options contact a local professional that can help make the best decision for your home and budget.


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