House Buying Guide Part 2

In the previous article we discussed not settling when purchasing your home and how you should start with a list of your must haves in a house. We discussed the first three essential items you should include on your list. Here are some more ideas to include in your list when you are shopping for your new home.

How many Bathrooms?

I cannot tell you the number of houses I have seem on the market that are four bedroom, one bathroom. When we purchased our house, there was a house on the same street also for sale with the same floor plan, but it only had one bathroom and our house has two. I thought at the time the second bathroom wasn’t necessary but now that we have kids, it is a must and I am so thankful the five of us don’t all have to share one bathroom. Is there a master bathroom? Some older homes don’t have this feature. After having three kids I have realized how important it is to have a master bath. So be sure to not settle for a house with just one bathroom unless you have the money and the house has a floor plan that would allow you to put an extra bath in.

Is there a Separate Laundry Room?

I have lived in several houses where the laundry room is in the garage and now that I have children, my wife consistently complains about it. You might not have kids now and think a laundry room is not a big deal, but poll the moms you know and you will get a different answer.

Is there a Family Room?

Our house only has one living space and no entry way so all the activities take place in that one room and the fire place takes up a large amount of the space. So with three kids running around, it is crazy most of the time and not as inviting for guests. If you can get a house that has some type of rec room or family room besides the living room than you will have more room to not only live everyday life more comfortably but host guests as well.

Is there a Garage?

Is a garage important to you? We had some friends move states and they settled on a house that didn’t have a garage because they needed a place to move into before their boys started the school year. They lived to regret purchasing a house without a garage. They bought a shed to house their lawn mower and other outside tools and parked there cars outside the house, but they always wished they had a garage. We bought a house with a garage but the washer in dryer is housed in our garage so there is no room to park our cars.

This list, while fairly comprehensive is not exhaustive, so create your own list and use this as a starting place. We know there are many different factors and values that people have in their living space. You may wish to work with a realtor or an experienced real estate wholesaler who could find you home at a wholesale price. Consider your family culture and traditions and how the new home may help enhance your family life. If the home seems to be a good fit then maybe it is time to make a move and purchase the home. Good luck and happy hunting!