How Can you Make your Home More Energy Efficient

If you decide to move forward on a new home purchase you may find that the home of your dreams is no longer the efficient home it once was. While it may have the desired layout that you wanted and has the space that you need it may be drafty and too cold at night. It certainly is discouraging that your new home is not as comfortable as you need it to be. There are however, many steps that you can take to help improve its overall efficiency.


One of the most important aspects of having a solid home is having a solid foundation. While there are many types of foundations to support your home, you should consider having a professional perform an inspection because they may find different types of basement foundation repairs that need to be done to ensure the home is safe. By sealing the foundation from the outside, you can prevent water from entering the home and causing damage to the home. Additionally, if there are cracks in the foundation a professional can repair those areas so the home would not be compromised if an earthquake occurred.


Purchasing new double pane windows for your home can really improve the curb appeal, and they also help improve the quality of your temperature control of you home. They can keep the extra hot air out of the house during the summer months, and during the winter they can keep the warm air inside instead of disappearing thus increasing your heat bill.


There are many types of heating available on the market today. From gas inserts, fire places, to baseboard heating and furnaces. No matter your source of heat you should make it a point to have a professional conduct some service work each and every year so that they work properly and perform at optimal levels. If your heating unit is under performing, you will have increased energy costs.


In older homes you may run into issues with water pipes that have been worn down over time. Many older homes have galvanized pipes that can acquire build up over time. This build up causes your water pressure to be reduced and makes it harder to get the hot or cold water you need throughout the house. Consider re-piping the home and sewer lines of the house to improve the quality of water and water pressure.


Another way to improve the quality of the home is to install the right type of insulation in the home. Insulation can be applied all throughout the home all of which would lead to a more comfortable living environment. There are three main locations to place insulation in a home. You can place it under the floor in the basement or sub-level. You can also make sure your exterior walls have been insulated to prevent heat from leaving the home on the sides of the home. Lastly, you can make sure there is insulation in the attic level of the home making sure the air stays in the home.

There are numerous other ideas to improve your home efficiency. While some of them may not make sense for your home and your budget, some of the items from this list could really help the quality of life that you could enjoy in your new home. Having your dream home is the most important step in feeling comfortable at home, but an additional step is taking the steps to ensure that your home is comfortable for the many years that you live there.